Welcome Prof. Zhili Sun from University of Surrey to be committee member!

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Prof. Zhili Sun

University of Surrey

Institute for Communication System

Research Area: Communication networks and protocols, Satellite communications and networks, IoT

Research Exprience:

Prof. Zhili Sun is a Professor of Communication Networking at Institute for Communication Systems (ICS), Faculty of Electronics and Physical Sciences, University of Surrey, UK. He currently serves as Director of Postgraduate Research (PhD Program). He has published more than 230 papers in international journals and conference proceedings and book chapters.  He was the sole author of “Satellite Networking - Principles and Protocols, 1st & 2nd editions”, published by Wiley in 2005 and 2014 respectively.  He was a contributing editor of “IP Networkingover Next Generation Satellite Systems, published by Springer in 2008.  He was also contributing editor of the textbook “Satellite Communications Systems: system, techniques and technology, 5th edition”, published by Wiley in 2009. His areas of research interest including mobile and wireless networks, IoT systems, satellite communications and networks, network security.