Welcome A.Prof. Siti Hawa Ruslan from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia to be committee member!

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A.Prof. Siti Hawa Ruslan

Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia

Research Area:

VLSI design, low power IC design, analog and digital system design

Research Experience:

Has involved in several research fields. Basically it is more on VLSI design be it analog or digital design. Also has several research grants either as the leader or a member for the research group. For example a leader for the following research titles: A CMOS ultra-wide band low noise amplifier based on cascode topology, Power consumption reduction in the design of CMOS ECG bio-amplifier for health monitoring purposes, Design of low power high speed CMOS digital multiplier using vedic mathematics method, and A 16-bit pipeline analog-to-digital IC converter for biomedical application.  A member for the following research titles: Performance enhancement for TFET under power constraints using DVFS, Development of a cold atmospheric plasma system for oral cancer microtissue treatment, Load coil and isolation resistance effect study by laboratory testing and CST cable simulation, New approach of hardware modeling by using FPGA for cardiac reentrant arrhythmia real-time analysis tool, Investigation of low power design techniques for deep submicron CMOS circuits, and Sensor for animal pathogen detection system using MEMS technology on low power IC design.