Welcome Dr. Xinmin Zhang from Northeastern University, USA to be committee member!

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Dr. Xinmin Zhang

Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA

Research Area:

Inverter/ converter design and control, PV power forecasting, design and electromagnetic and thermal analysis of electric motors

Research Experience:

Xinmin received her B.S. degree from Hunan University, Changsha, China, and M.S. degree from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, both in electrical engineering (2011 and 2014).  She currently works on her PhD program in Electrical Engineering at Northeastern University, starting from Sep, 2015. She joined both Power Electronics Research Lab (led by Professor Brad Lehman) and Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems Lab (led by Professor Mahshid Amirabadi). Her ongoing research projects at Northeastern University include: 1) “ARPA-E Project”- Design of a 10kW series-link universal converter, funded by U.S. DOE; 2) “Microinverter Project”- Design of a long-lifespan PV microinverter, funded by MassCEC; and 3) “WattSun Project”- Develop accurate PV power forecasting method, funded by U.S. DOE and IBM. At Zhejiang University, her research experience includes thermal and electromagnetic analysis and design of linear type electric motors. She has consistently contributed to engineering society by publishing papers in well-recognized journals such as IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy and IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, and presenting her work at several international conferences.