Welcome Dr. Zhiming Yuan from University of Strathclyde (UoS), UK to be committee member!

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Dr. Zhiming Yuan

University of Strathclyde (UoS), UK

Research Area:

1. Offshore integrated renewable energy system;

2. Sustainable island development;

3. Dynamics of Offshore Structures;

4. Offshore Aquaculture;

5. Multibody hydrodynamic interaction and wave interference;

6. Ship-bottom, Ship-bank, Ship-lock, Ship-ship interactions;

7. Hydrodynamic behaviors of the floating wind turbine and wave energy converter device system;

Free surface waves and the bio-mimetic study on animal swim.

Research Experience:

Dr Zhiming Yuan has been a Lecturer in the Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering (NAOME) at the University of Strathclyde (UoS) since 2015. His research activity mainly focused on the hydrodynamic interaction between multiple floating bodies and hydrodynamics of integrated renewable energy system. Over the last 5 years, Dr Yuan has published more than 30 peer-reviewed articles on prestigious international journals. He was a visiting scholar (2017) in UC Berkeley. He was appointed as the committee member of International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC) and 1st and 2nd International Conference on Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering (NAOME). Dr Yuan is a Member of Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA).