Welcome Dr. Yeo Boon Chin from Multimedia University, Malaysia to be committee member!

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Dr. Yeo Boon Chin
Multimedia University, Malaysia
Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Research Area:

Video Image Processing, Thermal Vision, Machine Learning, Fuzzy Logic, Robotics, Embedded System, Web-Based Control and Monitoring

Research Experience:

Dr. Yeo Boon Chin is a lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Multimedia University. Specializing in video image processing for thermal vision, he obtained his PhD from the university with a thesis titled on "Adaptive Background Modeling and Lane Detection for Traffic Monitoring" in 2017. The research topic involved background model, lane detection, traffic monitoring and control, fuzzy logic, and machine learning. During his master study in embedded system, he had completed a project related to web-based control for robotics arm. He also has experience in developing drivers for FPGA-based Java processor during his bachelor degree study. Currently, he is supervising research projects in these areas. He is also conducting researches in health care and elderly care.