Welcome Dr. Chinthakunta Venkataseshaiah from Multimedia University, Malaysia to be committee member!

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Dr. Chinthakunta Venkataseshaiah

Multimedia University, Malaysia

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Research Area:

Instrumentation and sensors, Electrical machines and  power systems, Power electronics, Renewable energy

Research Experience:

Formerly (up to 2005) he was with Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India, where his areas of research had been Electrical power systems (Power system Instrumentation, Parallel AC/DC power Transmission systems, Electrical Power Quality), High Voltage Engineering (Switching over voltages in large Induction motors, Anomalous breakdown in synthetic insulation, High voltage testing of Electrical Insulation). From 2006 at MMU, Malaysia, his areas of research have been Electrical power systems (Available power transfer capacity of HVAC transmission systems, Energy efficiency of large Induction motors, Electrical Energy monitoring, conservation and power quality improvement, Power electronics application to renewable energy/green technology solutions), Power efficient devices and Big data analytics. He has authored/coauthored 95 International journal papers and 20 international conference papers. He has supervised 9 Doctoral and 42 Masters theses. He has been reviewer of research papers for a few international journals/conferences and examiner for a number of Doctoral/Masters theses.