Call For Papers/征稿主题

Call For Papers/征稿主题

The 2019 2nd International Conference on Electron Device and Mechanical EngineeringICEDME 2019serves as good platforms for academics, researchers, and engineers to meet and exchange innovative ideas and information on all aspects of  Electron Device and Mechanical Engineering. We are delighted to invite you to participate in ICEDME2019.

Topics of interests are in the broad areas of Financial Innovation and Economic Development, including but not limited to:

1)       Electronic and Embedded Systems

2)       Modern Circuit Theory and Applications

3)       DSP real-time encoding technology and signal

4)       Computational Electromagnetics and Electromagnetic Simulation Technology

5)       Micro-optoelectronic Device Technology

6)       Embedded Systems

7)       Sensor Research

8)       Antenna Technology

9)       RF Components

10)     Circuits, devices and systems

11)     Smart grid and circuit

12)     Signal and multimedia processing

13)     Biomedical electronics and bioinformatics

14)     Communication engineering

15)     Electronics and electrical engineering

16)     Nano electro mechanical System

17)     Photonics and optoelectronics

18)     Information engineering

19)     Wireless/Mobile communication and computing

20)     Software specification and software assurance

21)     Analysis of power quality and system stability

22)     Assembly and packaging

23)     Analog circuits and digital circuits

24)     Antenna and propagation

25)     Electric energy processing

26)     Electromagnetic and photonics

27)     Electro-optical phenomena of semiconductors

28)     Power electronics and energy systems

29)     Signal processing

30)     Techniques of laser and applications Of electro-optics

31)     Simulation of propagation

32)     Battery management system

33)     Circuits and electronics

34)     Computer relaying integrated optics and electro-optics devices

35)     Microwave theory and techniques

36)     Microwave and millimeter

37)     Modulation, coding, and channel analysis

38)     Power electronics

39)     Remote control and techniques of GPS

40)     Robotics and atomization engineering

41)     Signal integrity design for high-speed digital systems

42)     Solar power generation

43)     Wind power generation

44)     Analog Electronic Technology

45)     Digital Electronic Technology

46)     Microcomputer Principle and Application

47)     Signals and Systems

48)     Automatic Control Principle

49)     Power Electronic Technology

50)     Automatic Control System

51)     Electrical Control Technology

52)     Microcomputer Control Technology

53)     Power System Analysis

54)     Electrical Machinery

55)     Insulation Technology

56)     High Voltage Technology

57)     HVDC Transmission Technology

58)     Electromagnetic and Photonics

59)     Microelectronics

60)     Electronic Circuits